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Arts and Crafts


Welcome to our Art and Craft Courses


The programme is for students of all abilities and provides a relaxing environment for discovering the joys of the creative process.

Many of our tutors are practicing artists and crafts people, as well as qualified teachers, able to bring a depth of experience and knowledge to their teaching.



An Introduction to Fine Art Jewellery Beading - Uckfield, evening

Kiln Fused Glass Jewellery - Wadhurst, daytime

Silver Clay Jewellery - Uckfield, daytime



Silversmithing - Battle, evening

Silversmithing - Battle, evening


Art History

Western European Art - The Renaissance - Heathfield, evening

Western European Art - Italy and Northern Europe in the 15th Century - Newick, daytime


Art Courses

Art Workshop - All Abilities - Crowborough, daytime

Art Workshop - Beginners - Uckfield, evening

Art Workshop - Beginners - Uckfield, daytime

Art Workshop - Beginners - Battle, evening

Art Workshop - Improvers - Uckfield, daytime

Introduction to Drawing and Painting - Heathfield, daytime


Ceramics and Scuplture

Ceramic and Sculpture All Abilities - Uckfield, evening

Ceramics for Beginners and Improvers - Wadhurst, evening



Creative Crafts - Heathfield, daytime

Introduction to Felting - Uckfield, evening


Wood and Willow

Creative Woodcarving for Beginners - Battle, evening

Creative Woodcarding Advanced - Battle, evening

Willow Baskets - Uckfield, daytime

Willow Sculpture - The Living Chair - Uckfield, daytime

Willow Sculpture for the Garden - Animals, Birds and Figures - Uckfield, daytime

Willow Sculpture for the Garden - Uckfield, daytime

Woodland Carving - Battle, daytime



Crochet All Abilities - Uckield, evening

Crochet All Abilities - Wadhurst, evening


Patchwork, Sewing and Dressmaking

Dressmaking for Beginners - Crowborough, daytime

Patchwork - All Abilities - Crowborough, daytime

Sewing Workshop, Crowborough, daytime


Stained Glass and Mosaics

Introduction to Copper Foil Stained Glass - Hailsham, evening

Introduction to Leaded Stained Glass - Hailsham, evening

Stained Glass - Heathfield, evening



Printmaking Workshop for all Abilities


Soft Furnishing and Upholstery

Soft Furnishing and Upholstery Workshop - Hurst Green, daytime

Soft Furnishing and Upholstery Workshop - Uckfield, daytime

Soft Furnishing and Upholstery Workshop - Heathfield, daytime

Soft Furnishing and Upholstery Workshop - Hurst Green, daytime