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Arts and Crafts

Welcome to our new and exciting programme of quality Art and Craft Courses starting from September 2016! Our courses this year include some old favourites and also some new and original courses.


The programme is for students of all abilities and provides a relaxing environment for discovering the joys of the creative process. 'Beginners' courses are for you if you have no prior knowledge or perhaps have done art some time ago. 'Improvers' are for you if you have completed a previous course, with us or another provider, and are now ready to move onto the next level.


Many of our tutors are practicing artists and crafts people, as well as qualified teachers, able to bring a depth of experience and knowledge to their teaching.


If you need further information on our courses please click on the 'Course Search' button to find out more details and to download a course information sheet. Alternatively, contact us on 01825 761820 and speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to help.


The following courses are on offer with ACRES this autumn:



There are a range of jewellery courses, including Fine Art Beading NEW! where you will learn ladder and herringbone stitch to enable you to make so exquisite items of jewellery. There is also our Kiln Fused Glass Jewellery and our Silver Clay Jewellery where you can bring your designs and ideas to these workshops and create a keepsake that will be everlasting. Our Introduction to Making Silver JewelleryNEW! course is where you can use traditional techniques and tools used to make your own stunning jewellery. We also offer a Jewellery Design and Making course.



Learn how to shape the silver, solder, planish with a hammer, pierce using a small saw and finally polish to a mirror finish.



Need to relax? Why not try our Crafts for RelaxationNEW! class. Here students will explore something new each week and focus on the enjoyment in 'doing', blocking out the stress of the day. From papercraft to painting with wax, the opportunities are there for you in this class.


In Needle Felting Wood FriendsNEW! you will use natural sheep's wool to make a small sculpture.


Art Workshops

As a 'Beginner', you will work through a structured, but flexible, programme which takes you through the basics of image making with a variety of mediums. You will learn about the importance of line, mark, tone, form and colour while working on creative projects.

As an 'Improver' or an 'Advanced' student, you will focus on consolidating your skills and you will be encouraged to experiment through extended, personalised projects, with mediums and techniques, using workbooks to research ideas.


Paint Like a Cubist for BeginnersNEW!

Here, you will be introduced to Cubism both historically and creatively in order to develop a new style of painting.


Introduction to Drawing and PaintingNEW!

As a beginner you will learn the basic drawing and painting skills and techniques aimed at exploring your creativity.


Creative Sketchbooks

Develop your understanding of how useful a sketchbook can be and how it can help feed your creativity.


Paper Cutting

This is the art of cutting paper designs - learn how to turn your ideas into paper cut art and make something beautiful and unusual.




Bags, Bags and More BagsNEW!

Learn to make some fun bags using various textile embellishment and manipulation techniques.


Dressmaking for Beginners and Improvers

These fun and creative courses are for 'beginners', if you have little or no knowledge of sewing, either by hand or machine, and for 'improving' students, if you have completed the beginners course or who have some knowledge of dressmaking. You will complete a garment according to your experience with tutor guidance and support.


Introduction to Machine Embroidery

You will be introduced to free machine embroidery. This skill allows your imagination to blossom and for you to create artistic and fun designs using any type of sewing machine.


Introduction to Patchwork

You will learn basic techniques and skills that will enable you to make your own unique and original patchwork.


Make an Appliqued Small Quilt NEW!

You will learn to make a small quilt with appliqued designs using a variety of techniques including design, colour matching, backing and wadding.


Make the most of your Sewing Machine for Beginners NEW!

This course enables you to get to know your sewing machine, how to use it and its attachments to produce new techniques in sewing.


Sewing Workshops

These courses will teach you how to make your own cushions, designed around your home interiors, or simply learn basics sewing skills so you can embark on a future range of sewing projects.


Textile Decoration

You will learn about a variety of different techniques for decorating fabrics and produce samples of each. You will then produce a textile item of your choice which will incorporate some of the techniques you have learned.


Ceramics and Pottery

You will design and construct unique decorative and functional ceramic wares using hand-building methods and the pottery wheels. You will have access to a specialist studio with a kiln and potters' wheels. As an 'Improver', you will be guided into embarking on extended projects with a greater emphasis on workbooks for design and research.


Crochet and Knitting



Our 'All Abilities' courses are for you whether you are a complete beginner, have some experience of crochet, improving basic skills and making items such as flowers and toys. There are a variety of workshops and clubs this year, so that all our students are catered for.



New this year are our Knitting for Beginners, Creative Knitting and Hand and Arm Knitting courses. Here you can try a variety of different knitting techniques.


Stained Glass and Mosaic


Introduction to Leaded Stained Glass

You will learn the skills and traditional techniques of leaded stained glass, resulting in the creation of an individually designed leaded panel and a sun catcher using the copper foiling techniques.


Introduction to Copper Foil Stained Glass

As a beginner, you will learn the skills and techniques to produce a small panel in the copper foil method.


Introduction to Mosaic Bowls and Clocks NEW!

Learn Mosaic skills by making a decorative bowl or clock for your home.


Soft Furnishing and Upholstery

You will be able to transform your furniture using both modern and traditional methods. On some courses, upholstery will be combined with making soft furnishings, such as curtains, blinds, lampshades and cushion covers.



You will learn different techniques and skills that will enable you to hand-make unique prints.


Working with Willow


Willow Baskets - Handmade NEW!

This practical course is aimed at creating a weaved basket utilising green and brown willow and natural materials gathered from forest and Downland walks, hedgerows and the garden.


Willow Sculpture - The Living Chair NEW!

An intensive course aimed at creating a Living Willow Chair.


Willow Sculpture for the Garden - Animals, Birds and Figures

You will learn the techniques to be able to construct a willow sculpture for the garden


Willow Sculpture for the Garden

You will learn the techniques to complete two - three functional sculptural structures for the garden.


Introduction to Woodwork

One of our old favourites is back. If you want to have a go at woodwork, now is your chance!


Creative Woodcarving

Using traditional hand tools you will create your own pieces of work. Visit our facebook page to see some of our work.


Digital Photography for Beginners (SLR Cameras)

This is for you if you own a digital SLR camera but have little or no knowledge of how to get the best from it. You will improve your confidence and skill, developing an understanding of how to make modern cameras work for you.