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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need help finding the right course for you?

ACRES has been awarded the Matrix Standard for the quality of the information and advice we give to students at enrolment.


We offer free impartial information and advice to help you choose the right course for you.


We do:

We are unable to:

If you would like more information about a course before enrolling:

Do I need to buy text books and materials?

The course information sheets give details of materials and text books you may need. A copy will be sent to you at enrolment or you can download one from the 'course search' area of this web site.

Please remember if you are enrolling for a course requiring a textbook or materials, do not purchase these items until you are certain that the course will begin. Decisions on whether a course will run or not are made a week or two before the course is due to start.


Am I entitled to a reduced fee?


We use out limited funds to help as many students as possible to study with the Adult College for Rural East Sussex.


Please note that:

Financial Support for Students


Courses leading to an examination )courses indicated with * in the title)

Students will be eligible to a free course if they are in receipt of the following benefits:

Students who are currently unemployed and in receipt of a benefit other than those listed above but who want to enter employment and believe skills training may help them do so, may still be eligible for funding. Please contact the ACRES Office on 01825 761820 for details.


Further financial support may be given from our Discretionary Learner Support Fund to students experiencing financial hardship. Financial support may be granted for:

Click here to download the application form for financial support. All applications must be supported with relevant benefit evidence


Students will be checked for eligibility at the start of the course. Once confirmed as eligible, the eligibility status will not change for the length of that course. Individuals not eligible for funding at the start of the course will continue not to be eligible for the length of the course.


Non-examination funded courses (courses indicated with ^ in the title)


There are three ways we may financially support students:


1) Arranging payment of fees by instalments

2)Where a reduced fee is shown, students may be eligible to pay the reduced fee if they are in receipt of the following benefits:

3) Students may apply to the ACRES Discretionary Bursary Fund for financial support where they are not on benefits but their household income is less than £25,000 per year.


Click here to download the application form for financial support from the ACRES Discretionary Bursary Fund. All applications must be supported with relevant benefit evidence.


We may also be able to arrange payment of fees by instalments over a longer period for students in financial hardship.


Please note that we are unable to book a place for you until all evidence, documentation and payment have been received.


For further information or to apply and pay the reduced fee, please contact the ACRES office on 01825 761820


What is your smoking policy?

There is a no smoking policy operating on all educational premises and in all public places. This policy extends to the grounds of a college as well as the buildings.


Can I use my mobile phone?

Mobile phones should be turned off or set to silent during classes.


How do I find out if a class is cancelled due severe weather?

In the event of severe weather, please check the website for any closure information. The website will be updated daily during any closure periods. You can call the ACRES Office on 01825 761820 if you would like confirmation of our intention to close or stay open. Should the office not be open due to the severe weather we will endeavour to leave a recorded message on 01825 761820 but we are not always able to do this if the college is closed. Unfortunately we are unable to contact each student individually and we suggest you check on the website if possible. Please note that a college may be open in the evening even if there has been a daytime closure. Should a session have to be cancelled due to severe weather a replacement session will be arranged.


Is there parking at the venue?

Parking is limited at some of our venues, particularly those we use during the day. Any particular instructions or parking information relating to the venue you are attending will be sent to you when you enrol. You can also find out this information from the venues page. All parking is at your own risk.


Will my course run?

ACRES need a minimum number of students to run a course. The minimum number can be different on some courses due to venues, resources and the type of activity that is taking place.


Decisions on whether or not courses will run are made a week or two before the course is due to start, depending on the venue. If you have enrolled on a course that has to be cancelled we will contact you to let you know. We do not telephone to confirm a course is running; however, if you wish to confirm please contact the ACRES Office a week before the course is due to begin.


Will my course length be extended?

Some courses, such as Art or Fitness courses, are often extended into the next term if there is sufficient student demand. Students on these courses will be contacted and given the opportunity to enrol on a continuation course. Where courses are extended for an extra term or for additional sessions, we can not guarantee that the fww will be the same as for the initial course if there are fewer enrolments for the extension. New students may be able to join continuation courses during the year, please ring the ACRES Office for more information or look on the ACRES website.


Can I join a course after it has started?

It may be possible to join a course after it has started, depending on your level of experience and knowledge in the subject. If you would like to join a course after it has started please contact the ACRES Office who will be able to advise you. If the course is ten weeks or longer and you join after the fourth week, you can request a fee reduction.


If I have previously lived abroad am I eligible to enrol on a course?

We offer a range of courses, some of which are funded by the Skills Funding Agency and some which are non-funded.

To be able to access a course funded by the Skills Funding Agency you need to have been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and Islands or the European Union or the European Economic Area continuously for at least the previous three years.

Non Funded courses do not carry the same residential eligibility criteria and access is available to these courses.

Please contact the ACRES Office (01825 761820) to check which courses you are eligible to enrol on.



Anyone bringing property onto the premises where courses are held does so at their own risk. The College will not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury of any kind.