This page shows examples of work produced in the colleges and further information on courses available. Images recorded by Nick Holloway, Digital Photography Tutor.

If you need any help choosing the appropriate course for you or would like more information, please telephone the ACRES Office on 01825 761820 and we will be happy to provide you with further details.

Each course has an information sheet which gives further details. This will be sent to you automatically when you enrol. They are also available on request prior to enrolment. Alternatively, you can download them from this website, by going to 'Course Search' and clicking on the info icon next to the course you are interested in.

Please click on the links below to view our slide shows for the following courses.

Jewellery Making - Beginners and Improvers 2011. Tutor - Caroline Reynolds
Draw and Paint 2011. Tutor - Fiona Lewis-Donaldson
Art Workshop Beginners - Tutor Amanda Sumpter
Printmaking 2011. Tutor - Amanda Sumpter
Jewellery 2012 - Tutor Caroline Reynolds
Machine Embroidery 2012. Tutor - Isobel Moore
Embroidery Workshop Summer 2011
Print Making 2012 - Amanda Sumpter 2012

Please click on the links below to view subject information, images and gallery.

ACRES Art Gallery Printmaking
ACRES Art Gallery Embroidery Workshop
ACRES Art Gallery Art Workshop