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Health, Fitness and Personal Development

Welcome to our programme of courses that help to develop your body and mind for improved well-being.


Most of our courses run for three terms in 10 week blocks and it is planned that these courses will continue throughout the year if there is sufficient student interest. It may be possible to join them depending on whether there are any spaces and you are at the correct level. Please contact us to find out.


Our courses are designed to provide a range of activities at a variety of levels. For example those with "Gently" in the title are specifically designed for the older learner and we run specific classes such as our increasingly popular 'Yoga for Men'. Courses stress all-round exercise suitable for a wide range of abilities and are taught by well qualified and committed tutors. Whatever your age and health, fitness is central to overall well-being.


If you need further information on our courses please click on the 'Course Search' button to find out more details and to download a course information sheet. Alternatively, contact us on 01825 761820 and speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to help.



The following courses are on offer with ACRES:


Introduction to Meditation - NEW!

As an extension to our programme of Yoga courses, we're offering this new course that introduces a range of strategies to manage stress through witnessing the activity of the mind leading towards meditation.



Yoga is a holistic approach to health, focusing on postures, breathing and relaxation. It is a very valuable tool for the reduction of stress and increasing mobility. The more advanced course gives consideration to meditative techniques. We offer a variety of courses and levels which will encourage students to work within their personal movement range.


Yoga for Men

This is becoming an increasing popular course that is designed to cater for male students of all abilities. The course enables students to develop and maintain the holistic health benefits associated with yoga through movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation and to develop a range of strategies to deal with daily stress.


Belly Dancing

This is an alluring and rhythmical style of dance which is excellent for flexibility, developing coordination and improving posture, as well as great fun to do. ACRES offers both 'Beginners', 'Improvers' and 'All-ability' classes at Crowborough and Uckfield.


Movement and Dance Gently

This fun and popular course is designed for the older learner. It uses a range of enjoyable styles of dance which promote all round health. During the course you will learn simple dances with props as well as relevant health issues.


Introduction to Counselling and Interpersonal Skills

This has proved a popular introduction to basic counselling and listening skills, to the benefit of both personal and professional relationships, so is being offered as a full course in Hailsham. Why don't you give it a try?


Introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique - NEW!

This is a gentle but effective technique that can release pain, illness and trauma by releasing blocked emotions from the body's energy system. Acupuncture points on the face and body are gently tapped whilst bringing to mind the pain, belief or memory and talking about the emotions surrounding the issue. EFT often works where nothing else will and once learned, can be practiced at home or with family and friends.


Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work - NEW!

If someone was taken ill in your work environment, would you know what to do? If not, then come on an intensive one day course and learn the basics of how to cope in an emergency. You never know, you may save a life.


55 Plus Group

This is another opportunity to join others on a Friday morning in Uckfield for two hours, to listen to a different speaker each week on a variety of interesting subjects. You will have the opportunity to participate in stimulating conversation over coffee and have a chance to meet other people wanting to extend their horizons.