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Term dates

2015-2016 Adult Learning Term Dates


Below are the adult learning term dates, the dates for your course may be different. Please check your Course Information Sheet (sent at enrolment and available on our website) for the specific dates for your course.


Spring - Term 3 - 2015

Mon 5th January to Friday 13th February (long course)

Mon 12th January to Friday 13th February (other courses)

February holiday - Monday 16th to Friday 20th February


Spring - Term 4 - 2015

Monday 23rd February to Friday 27th March

Spring holiday Monday 30th March to Friday 10th April


Summer - Term 5 - 2015

Monday 13th April to Friday 22nd May

May break Monday 25th to Friday 29th May

There will be no classes on Monday 4th May (Bank Holiday)


Summer - Term 6 - 2015

Monday 1st June to Monday 6th July



Autumn - Term 1 - 2015

Monday 14th September to Friday 23rd October

Autumn holiday - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October


Autumn - Term 2 - 2015

Monday 2nd November to Friday 11th December

Winter holiday - Monday 21st December to Friday 1st January


Spring - Term 3 - 2016

Monday 4th January to Friday 12th February

February holiday - Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February


Spring - Term 4 - 2016

Monday 22nd February to Thursday 24th March

Spring holiday - Friday 25th March to Friday 8th April


Summer - Term 5 - 2016

Monday 11th April to Friday 27th May

May Holiday - Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June

There will be no classes on Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday)


Summer - Term 6 - 2016

Monday 6th June to Friday 8th July