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Yoga for Improvers with Kim

"The yoga course has continued to benefit me with regards to flexibility and strength and general well-being. We are very fortunate to have Kim as our tutor. She is clearly steeped in all facets of the subject."

"Tutor is Fabulous! Could not wish for more productive, helpful & tuned in to individual needs of students, which obviously helps progression in course work."

"Our teacher, Kim, has always been very reliable and encouraging. She is an expert in her subject and I believe we all have great respect for her."


Print Making - All Abilities with Amanda Sumpter

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and thank you for your patience and support even when you were busy."

"I have learnt a brilliant new skill."

"It has given me a good grasp of techniques I needed to know for personal projects."



Belly Dancing - All Abilities with Ann Law

"I have made new friends and tried out something I never would have thought I would love so much."

"It has been a wonderful connection with myself and others, aided relaxation, enjoyment and pleasure enjoying learning new techniques."

"In my case it has helped me to maintain my physical health as I have arthritis."


Spanish for Holidays with Maria Vidler

"I think the tutor, Maria, was a very good instructor. Very careful to keep us all challenged yet taking time to explain to someone if they needed clarification on a point."

"Made me more confident at trying to speak Spanish."

"The course should help me when I visit Spain this year. The course also felt worth while in its own right as a way to challenge the mind and stimulate the memory banks."


Maths GCSE with Cristina Yogi

"I have really enjoyed maths and it has boosted my confidence resulting in a decision to put myself forward for something I may have shrunk from in the past."

"Cristina is an excellent tutor, I am so glad she taught me."

"Increased my confidence in Maths."


Movement and Dance Gently with Liza Reeves

"I think our tutor Liza Reeves is extremely good . She makes the classes very interesting and gives thought to the needs and abilities of all the members of the class."

"I look forward to my Thursday class and I find Liza very good."

"Certainly helped to keep me fit and active."