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What is Student Support?

Student Support is anything which helps you to access a course and learn during your course. There are several ways Student Support can help you.


Who is able to get support?

All students can apply for support to help them access our courses. All requests will be considered and we will endeavour to support students were we can.


Student support is aimed at those with the greatest need, these will include students with:

If you are not eligible under the above categories, we may still be able to offer you support - please ask


How do I apply for financial help?


We use out limited funds to help as many students as possible to study with the Adult College for Rural East Sussex.


Please note that:

Financial Support for Students


Courses leading to an examination )courses indicated with * in the title)

Students will be eligible to a free course if they are in receipt of the following benefits:

Students who are currently unemployed and in receipt of a benefit other than those listed above but who want to enter employment and believe skills training may help them do so, may still be eligible for funding. Please contact the ACRES Office on 01825 761820 for details.


Further financial support may be given from our Discretionary Learner Support Fund to students experiencing financial hardship. Financial support may be granted for:

Click here to download the application form for financial support. All applications must be supported with relevant benefit evidence


Students will be checked for eligibility at the start of the course. Once confirmed as eligible, the eligibility status will not change for the length of that course. Individuals not eligible for funding at the start of the course will continue not to be eligible for the length of the course.


Non-examination funded courses (courses indicated with ^ in the title)


There are three ways we may financially support students:


1) Arranging payment of fees by instalments

2)Where a reduced fee is shown, students may be eligible to pay the reduced fee if they are in receipt of the following benefits:

3) Students may apply to the ACRES Discretionary Bursary Fund for financial support where they are not on benefits but their household income is less than £25,000 per year.


Click here to download the application form for financial support from the ACRES Discretionary Bursary Fund. All applications must be supported with relevant benefit evidence.


We may also be able to arrange payment of fees by instalments over a longer period for students in financial hardship.


Please note that we are unable to book a place for you until all evidence, documentation and payment have been received.


For further information or to apply and pay the reduced fee, please contact the ACRES office on 01825 761820



What support can I access if I have a disability or learning difficulty?

We aim to try and ensure that all adults who wish to do so are able to access learning opportunities provided by ACRES.


Facilities and access do vary at the different venues we use, so please contact the ACRES Office and ask to speak to our Student Support Officer to check out how best we can help you. Details of access at our venues are also available on the 'Venue' page on this web site.


When you enrol on a course you will be asked if you have a disability or a learning difficulty. Please complete this part of the enrolment form or let ACRES' staff know at the time of enrolment so we can ensure that we make your learning as accessible and rewarding as possible. If you have indicated that you have a disability or a learning difficulty, our Student Support Officer can contact you to discuss your needs. Please note that any contact will be made in strict confidence. More information can be found in the Student Support section on our website.


All information given will be treated in strict confidence.


What resources are available to support students?

We have a range of assistive technology and equipment for computers available to assist with physical disabilities or difficulties, for example, ergonomic keyboards or mouse trackball. Please let us know if you have hand mobility difficulties when you enrol or speak to your tutor if you are having difficulties.


If you have a hearing difficulty, please let us know so that the tutor can take account of your difficulty within the class. A portable hearing loop is available if required.


We have a bank of resources for use within the class, for example, calculators, dictionaries and curriculum related books. Please discuss your needs with you tutor.


If you have a learning difficulty, for example dyslexia, please let us know so that you can be supported with your learning. If you are on a course leading to a qualification, we may be able to facilitate extra support in the classroom if needed. Please discuss your needs with your tutor.


At what point am I able to apply for Student Support

We would like to be able to support students and discuss their need from their first point of contact with us. Please let us know of any support you would find useful before you enrol on your course. If however, you find that after starting a course, you require some additional support, please let us know. Your tutor will be able to discuss with you any learning support you may need or please contact the Student Support officer at the ACRES Office to discuss your needs.


How do I find out more information or find out if I am eligible for Student Support?

Contact the ACRES Office by


Telephoning : 01825 761820

Emailing :

Writing to : The Student Support Officer

ACRES Office

Uckfield Community Technology College

Downsview Crescent


East Sussex

TN22 3DJ


All information is kept confidential.


If you would like a confidential private interview, please ask and we will arrange an appointment for you.


Safer Learning - Your Rights and Responsibilities

ACRES is committed to ensuring that all students, whether attending advertised programmes or courses being run in partnership with other organisations, are aware of their rights and responsibilities in creating a safe learning environment and that staff are appropriately supported to provide this.


What should you do if you think you are being harmed or abused?


If you think you have been harmed or abused by another student or learner, member of staff or visitor, you should report this as soon as possible. You can obtain more information in our Safer Learning - Your Rights and Responsibilities leaflet.


Tell someone you trust about what is happening. This can be your tutor or contact our Student Support Officer on 01825 761820


You can also contact :

Samaritans - 08457 909090

Victim support - 0845 3030900